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Canadian Wind Energy Association President Called Out on ‘Errors and Partial Truths’

Frankly speaking if Robert Hornung spoke only in total truths, the ‘inconvenient truths’ that are reality would kill the wind industry and force guys like him into honest professions.

Here is a letter that ran in the Belleville Intelligencer a couple of months ago in response to one of Robert ‘Red Herring’ Hornung’s Op-Ed pieces (part of the Wind Industry funded campaign of ‘confusion’ (their word, not mine) no doubt).

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Letter on wind turbines twisted the facts around

Being concerned with the volume of errors and partial truths in Robert Hornung’s article re: wind turbines in July 14 issue, I searched original documents for my information. I’ll share as many points as space will allow.

The Canadian Wind Energy Association (CanWEA)’s website describes them as “…a non-profit trade association that promotes the appropriate development and application of all aspects of wind energy…” Could this agenda bias the author’s comments?

CanWEA’s 420 members likely include companies proposing or building wind farms in your area.

The May 20 Ontario Medical Officer of Health’s report says there is no evidence available to date of a direct causal relationship between wind turbines and adverse health effects.

This does not mean this topic has been studied and they found that wind turbines cause no problems. The wind industry continues to misquote the report by omitting “available to date”.

A recent scientific paper by Salt and Hullar links negative health effects caused by wind turbine proximity to human residences. Also, expert testimony by epidemiologist Dr. Carl Phillips who reviewed the existing evidence states, “It would certainly make little sense to conclude that there is definitely no problem, and those who make this claim offer arguments that are fundamentally unscientific.”

Mr. Hornung attempts to impress with real estate research from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (funded by the US Department of Energy).

Their conclusion states property values were not affected by proximity of wind turbines.

However, a leading real estate valuation, Appraisal Journal, studied the same data which revealed that 310 properties with a vista rated as poor sold for 21 per cent lower than 2,857 properties with an average vista.

Going on, to quote Mr. Hornung, “Successful wind energy development will result when the proponent and developer listens, understands, and responds to community needs. No wind energy project can be successful without a strong base of community support.”

Unfortunately the words of the community members have been nulified by 1) the Ontario Government taking away the right of our elected Municipal Council to represent us and pass legislation to control wind farm companies and their use of our lands, and 2) the lack of response from the wind energy companies to our requests for information and to have our questions answered.

Robert Hornung’s (Red)Herrings: Jobs for Quebec

The only thing the industrial wind industry seems to be able to cause to spin predictably or reliably is Robert Hornung  who is President of the industrial wind lobby CanWEA (Canadian Wind Energy Association).

It’s clear whenever the spinmaster at the Canadian Wind Energy Association speaks about anything economic that he has been sheltered from the reality of basic economic principles for too long. This is perhaps a natural fate for anyone who works at an organization funded by corporate welfare recipients to sustain the flow of corporate welfare.

In his latest escape from reality, Hornung suggests a $25 billion dollar investment in wind power is just what the Doctor ordered for Quebec’s immensely clean, reliable and low-cost power supply. Over 90% of Quebec’s power is already carbon free, cheap and reliable hydro electricity dams. Hydro electric dams represent 88% of the world’s installed renewable energy and unlike wind energy, is reliable, affordable and in the case of Quebec – already in place.

Hornung suggests 91,000 temporary jobs could be created over 15 years from a $25 billion dollar investment ($274,725  per temporary construction job) and notes 1,300 permanent jobs would be created.

As we know from Spain every so-called ‘green’ job costs the economy 2.2 real jobs, plus the cost of the subsidy.

Quebec’s hydro-electric dams hum with clean, cheap, reliable power in such abundance they export much of what they produce to the United States, and in August 2010 were able to announce there would be no rate increases for Quebec ratepayers in 2011 or 2012.

By contrast, in Ontario – home to Hornung and companies most significant green folly Hydro bills are predicted to ‘go up like a rocket’ in part due to massive increases in the cost of transmission caused by building capacity in the grid from wind energy projects for power we don’t need.

The wind energy pressure lobby might survive on the hand outs of folks who survive on handouts, and if they keep this up, hard-working ratepayers across Canada will need hand outs of their own to afford to keep the lights on in our own homes and all in support of a technology that is expensive, harmful, ineffective and unwanted by host communities.

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November 15, 2010, 8:33 am
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The Canadian Wind Energy Association was founded in 1984 as a lobbyist organization representing corporations with a financial stake in Canada’s energy decisions. As acceptance of this technology by government decision makers began to take hold, so has heated opposition to these projects. The Canadian Wind Energy Association has fought for the systemic stripping of citizen’s rights to participate, rising electricity costs, massive government investment in the energy sector to support their industry – one that can’t stand on its own even after nearly 30 years of operating in Canada.

They did it with promises of jobs, of CO2 emission reductions, combatting climate change and concerns about a supposed energy crisis. The jobs haven’t come, the CO2 calculations are shaky, experts disagree with the industry’s claim they can be a significant part of combatting climate change, and no one believes Ontario has an energy crisis.

They ignore legitimate concerns about human health impacts, the environment, local democracy, the economics of wind power and any commentary on their loose or questionable facts. Just like the tobacco industry in the 1950’s, using a tactic the World Health Organization has vigorously condemned, the Canadian Wind Energy Association and American Wind Energy Association bought the medical opinion of an industry funded ‘panel of experts’ to declare everything ok. They support billions of dollars of taxpayers money going to their members, but oppose an independent health study that would cost approximately less than a percent of what CanWEA members extract from taxpayers annually.

This site is dedicated to the truth the Canadian Wind Energy Association doesn’t want told and was launched in response to “Renewable Energy Matters – Campaign Outline” – a leaked document by a Liberally connected PR firm in Ontario calling for a campaign of deception to be funded by the wind industry in hopes of ‘confusing’ the public into supporting this failed technology.

Consider “Fact Check: Canadian Wind Energy Association” one of the many ‘noisy activists’ in the strategy document this industry will need to talk past.

By visiting “Renewable Energy Matters – Campaign Outline” you’ll notice on page 11 budget outlines spending of $27000 in fixed costs and $1200 in monthly costs for an online strategy for the special interests behind wind engaging in their campaign of ‘confusion’ ($20,000 for website; $7,000 for On-line strategy development and delivery; $1200/mth On-line media monitoring (Facebook posts, Twitter etc.).

One line they forgot was $126.10 for domain purchases. It’s likely you’ve come to visit Fact Check: Canadian Wind Energy Association from one of the many domains linking here.









Over the coming days and weeks, you’ll learn more about the Canadian Wind Energy Association, and the truth behind the statements they make in defence of their dying industry on these links. Feel free to join in on the discussion.